Entry #1

Up & Runnin'

2007-10-27 08:50:53 by GConway

Just thought I might post up my first news on my profile! No news to really tell anyone, but maybe a bit of info and what not! I've been browsing Newgrounds for a good 2 to 3 years now and finally decieded to join a few days back! Seems like a good community to be in and has some really interesting stuff on it so I won't be getting bored anytime soon. I'll mostly be adding my Audio to the site as I have a good collection of some original work by myself that I hope everyone will enjoy! Mostly Dance & Techno, my two favourite genres. Might be some other stuff also, though, maybe some Rock? Dunno yet, I'll see what happens in the future!

Anyway, not much to say really but that! Oh, and I've submitted "Single Life" to the Audio Portal, my first track! Made it a good while back, not my best but hopefully it will get me a few fans and then you can really see what I'm made of when I post up the good stuff! That is right about it really, so I'll update whenever anything interesting happens!


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2007-10-28 20:40:49

Now you've got one!!!!! and i am sure more will follow, can't wait to hear your best..